Zero-Covid Recommendations | Aim for ‘Zero-COVID UK’

The APPG on Coronavirus recommends that the UK Government publicly commits to a Zero-Covid strategy in England.

To reduce the risk of a second wave in England and the UK ahead of - or coinciding with - winter 2020, the APPG on Coronavirus recommends that the UK Government aims to reduce the number of new cases seen in England over a seven day rolling average to no more than one new case per million population per day in each region of England.

To help achieve this goal, the APPG on Coronavirus proposes the following practical examples as measures that could be put in place:

  • Develop a locally lead and coordinated, but nationally supported Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support (FTTIS) program in England. This should be supported by a mobile phone application that would assist in contact tracing.

  • Devolve public health outbreak control efforts such that the response to local flair-ups is lead locally, rather than centrally. Provide local authorities with the power and resources to mobilise and scale-up operations as needed.

  • Clear, unambiguous, and simple messaging that isn’t open to interpretation, such as: ‘2 metres apart’, not ‘1 metre plus’. Where instructions need to be given, these should be as specific as possible. Do not use phrases such as ‘use common sense’. Continue to remind people to wash their hands regularly, always wear a face covering and keep 2 meters apart – this could help reduce the severity of seasonal flu too. The APPG on Coronavirus recommends that the daily coronavirus briefings be reinstated as soon as possible.

  • Ask the National Broadcaster to report on the local level of infection present as part of each news and weather bulletin, as is done with the pollen and UV ray count. This should occur across all news platforms including broadcast, radio and online.

  • Introduce screening for coronavirus and its symptoms at public transport hubs (train, bus, coach, tube stations) and at highly transited locations within the UK (e.g. shopping centres, supermarkets, and high street shops). This should include temperature checks and testing. At all transport hubs and highly transited locations, face coverings and hand sanitizer should be made available free of charge.

  • Continue to actively encourage working from home. Where employees cannot work remotely, introduce mandatory face coverings for all employees working indoors and in close proximity with others.

  • Maintain compulsory social distancing measures across England until Zero-COVID is achieved.

  • Where international personal travel is occurring introduce enforceable post-travel requirements such as a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival and screening on all UK entry points combined with quarantine at a regulated locations.