This is a report based on the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus’ 22nd session on 4th May where the group heard evidence on the use of ‘vaccine passports’ for mass events and international travel.

1. The Covid Green Pass must contain and display proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test via a simple ‘green/red’ system and QR code. Vaccination status alone should not be sufficient for international travel, and should be combined with a negative PCR test in order to provide the strongest possible protections against Covid variants being imported into the UK. This should remain in place until a high level of vaccination is attained globally.

2. The Covid Green Pass should be integrated with the currently available NHS app. The government should work with the NHS to ensure that wherever possible data used on the Covid Green Pass is held by the health service.

3. The UK government should ensure that a Covid Green Pass is compatible and fully integrated with e-gates at UK entry points. International travel cannot resume safely until e-gate integration is completed.

4. The UK government should, once international travel can resume safely, consider measures to reduce the cost of PCR tests such as VAT exemptions, capping test prices and exploring whether the NHS can build the capacity to carry out tests for international travel.

5. The UK government should aim to ensure the implementation of a digital Covid Green Pass is compatible with other international systems such as the European Union Covid Green Certificate.