The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus (APPG) was set up in July 2020
to conduct a rapid inquiry into the UK government’s handling of the Coronavirus
pandemic. Its purpose is to ensure that lessons are learned from the UK
Government’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak to date and to issue
recommendations to the UK Government so that its preparedness and response
may be improved in future.

On 20th April 2021, the APPG heard troubling evidence on the subject of Covid-19
variants and international travel. The expert witnesses to the hearing warned of
the significant risk that international travel poses. Notably, of those witnesses
questioned in the hearing, none were prepared to travel internationally in the
near future.

Above all, the evidence makes clear that international travel poses a significant
risk of the importation of new Covid-19 variants, which may in turn lead to
further lockdowns, and inevitably, further loss of life. The APPG is calling on the
government to urgently implement our recommendations to ensure that the
hard-won progress in tackling the virus is not lost and mistakes of the past are
not repeated.