The report contains 71 key findings, which inform 44 recommendations. The recommendations range from the very specific (on Long Covid recognition and support) to the operational (highlighting the need for the 'Isolate' part of Test, Trace, Isolate to be financially compensated more generously) and the strategic (the lack of a coherent exit strategy).

The report's topmost recommendation is that we urgently need a UK-wide exit strategy that acknowledges that by saving people’s lives, we in turn safeguard their jobs and the economy. We challenge the UK Government’s core argument that there is a ‘balance’ to be found between the health and wealth of the UK, and instead advocate an approach closer to those nations that have successfully ‘beaten’ the virus. This includes strong initial restrictions to get case numbers extremely low everywhere, a TTI system that is locally led and nationally resourced that pays people to stay at home if they need to and aggressive testing at the borders, turning our island geography into a powerful advantage.

We are concerned that the Government’s approach so far has not worked and has left the UK mourning among the highest number of lives lost to the pandemic, while at the same time bracing for one of the deepest recessions in its aftermath. The vaccine may be around the corner, and that is brilliant news, but the logistical challenges and uncertainty make it almost certain that we have months, if not years, of aftermath to contend with.