Key Findings

The evidence makes clear there is an urgent need to close the global vaccine divide.  Failure to do risks not only the health, but the wealth and security of the both the UK and the world. 

1. Covid-19 will continue to pose a serious threat to the UK’s public health, economy and security while much of the world remains unvaccinated. 


2. The UK government has shown leadership in its national rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, however, it has failed to show global leadership on global vaccine access.


3. The UK government has thus far employed a charity model approach to vaccine donations. Its failure to support the WTO TRIPS waiver proposal, in conjunction with only surplus vaccine supplies being donated on an ad hoc basis, means life-saving vaccines are unable to be supplied where needed most.


4. At present, there is limited evidence to suggest that a booster programme for healthy adults is required in the UK. Rather, there is a greater threat to the progress and success of the national vaccine rollout while much of the world remains unvaccinated, due to the risk of new variants being imported. 


5. With the current Delta variant, reaching herd immunity is ‘not a possibility’. It is ’absolutely inevitable’ that vaccine evading variants will emerge. 


6. There is a serious risk of repeating the medical divide witnessed during the HIV/AIDS crisis. As with lack of access to diagnostic and therapeutic tools during the HIV/AIDS crisis, failure to ensure equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines risks creating a new and equally damaging global medical divide. 


7. Most children presenting to emergency and critical care due to COVID-19 infection are the ‘most vulnerable children’. Based on current evidence, such children should be given a Covid-19 vaccine.