16th September - APPG Meeting

Wednesday 16 September 2020 10.45 am

In attendance: Dr Daniel Poulter (acting Chair), Barbara Keeley MP, Munira Wilson MP, Lord  Strasburger, Lord Russell, Dr Philippa Whitford MP, Baroness Jones (for the first 10  minutes).  

Non-voting attendees: Jonathan Foster (office of Dr Dan Poulter MP), Sam Payne (office of  Layla Moran MP), Owen Sainsbury (office of Layla Moran MP) Tom Brufatto (APPG  Secretariat), Jennifer Watson (APPG Secretariat), Lizzy Price (APPG Secretariat), Alice  Antoine-Gregoire (APPG Secretariat).  

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to this EGM and fifth meeting of the APPG.  
  2. Adoption of Minutes of APPG Meeting of 02 September 2020  

The Minutes of the 02 September 2020 were approved.  

3. Election of Caroline Lucas MP as Vice Chair  

Caroline Lucas MP and Barbara Keeley MP were elected as Vice  Chairs.

4. Long Covid Campaign Plan  

The APPG agreed on the Long Covid plan to raise awareness and support for this  condition.  

5. Zero-Covid Campaign Plan  

The APPG agreed on the Zero-Covid plan for removal of community transition by  means of:  

  • Control  
  • Suppression  
  • Eradication  

It was acknowledged that testing was instrumental for a successful Zero-Covid  strategy, and it was agreed that the APPG should have a further hearing on  testing.  

6. AOB  

Members agreed to consider the name Zero-Covid in terms of communication.