2nd September - APPG Meeting

Wednesday 2 September 2020 10.45 am 

In attendance: Layla Moran MP (chair), Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Barbara Keeley MP, Baroness  Masham of Ilton, Caroline Lucas MP, Dr Daniel Poulter MP, Munira Wilson MP, Lord  Strasburger, Lord Russell. 

Non-voting attendees: Sam Payne (office of Layla Moran MP), Ryan Pratt (office of Lord  Taylor of Warwick), Tom Brufatto (APPG Secretariat), Jennifer Watson (APPG Secretariat),  Lizzy Price (APPG Secretariat). 

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the fourth meeting of the APPG
  2. Adoption of Minutes of APPG Meeting of 19 August 2020  

The Minutes of the 19 August Meeting were agreed. 

3. The Schedule for upcoming hearings was agreed

  • Frontline healthworkers (09.09.20) 
  • Covid-19 impact on mental health (16.09.20) 
  • International perspectives. (23.09.20) 

4. Recommendations follow up 

It was agreed that the APPG would follow up on recommendations concerning: 

  • Zero-Covid 
  • Long Covid 
  • Bereaved families 

5. Extension of evidence hearings beyond 30 September 

Consideration was given to extending the evidence sessions beyond 30 September  and to expanding the terms of reference to include economic impact of Coronavirus. 

It was agreed that the APPG would draft a report of the evidence so far, and the  APPG agreed to a timescale for extension.


6. AOB 


The APPG recognised the need for a reliable metric for measuring the impact of the  pandemic.  

The APPG will consider the impact of influenza under the topic of NHS preparedness  for Winter. 

The APPG will consider a further session directed in particular on the impact of the  pandemic on communities with protected characteristics.