All-Party Group on Coronavirus

To ensure that lessons are learned from the UK’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak so far such that the UK’s response and preparedness may be improved in future

Officers of the All-Party Group

The All-Party Group has elected the following officers: Layla Moran MP (Chair), Dr Dan Poulter MP (Vice-Chair), Clive Lewis MP (VC), Dr Philippa Whitford MP (VC), Debbie Abrahams MP (VC), Munira Wilson MP (VC), Caroline Lucas MP (VC), Liz Saville-Roberts MP (VC) and Barbara Keeley MP (VC).

Members of the APPG

Members of the All-Party Group include: Harriet Baldwin MP, David Davis MP, Bill Esterton MP, Baroness Brady, Stephen Farry MP, Andrew Gwynne MP, Wera Hobhouse MP, Rachael Maskell MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Stuart McDonald MP, Jamie Stone MP, Alex Sobel MP, Mick Whitley MP, Baroness Andrews, Baroness Benjamin, Baroness Bonham-Carter, Baroness Campbell, Baroness Lister, Bel Ribeiro-Addy MP, Beth Winter MP, Lord Bilimoria, Rosie Cooper MP, Dean Russell MP, George Howarth MP, Christine Jardine MP, Baroness Kidron, Kim Johnson MP, Lisa Cameron MP, Lord Bird, Lord Dubs, Lord Jones, Lord McColl, Lord Stasburger, Lord Mendelsohn, Rosie Duffield MP, Rushanara Ali MP, Lord Russell, Sharon Hodgson MP, Baroness Sheehan, Lord Tebbit, Lord Truscott, Viscount Waverley, Lord Young, Mick Whitley MP, Beth Winter MP, Lord Young, Baroness Jones, Tony Lloyd MP

This cross-party group will provide an honest, constructive and non-partisan appraisal of the UK government’s response to the coronavirus.  By bringing together respected voices and expertise from across Parliament, we can develop practical recommendations and hold the government to account.

Layla Moran MP - Liberal Democrat

It is vital that we are not complacent during the summer months and use this time wisely to urgently learn lessons and ensure we are better prepared for the potentially dangerous winter months ahead.

 Dr. Dan Poulter MP - Conservative 

Fighting this virus - and the fallout from the first wave - is a truly national endeavour. This government tried to do it alone at the beginning of the year and soon lost public trust. Now is the time to take stock and plan for the months ahead. This time, let’s review where we are together, involving all parties and a fuller range of science and health professionals. Let’s have that urgent public inquiry and get it right this time.”

Clive Lewis MP - Labour

In the first wave of COVID19, the UK response was too slow and behind the curve. In early March, with the virus spreading exponentially, cases were doubling in less than a week. Delays of even a few days in taking action meant soaring cases and, tragically, greater loss of life.

Dr Philippa Whitford MP -  Scottish National Party 

We need to learn lessons fast and prepare for the new problems emerging. A huge challenge now seems to be how to act fast on flare-ups. This government cannot handle this alone by centralist thinking - it needs to be reviewed by experts and cross-party structures with a focus on empowering local areas. That’s why an urgent independent public inquiry is vital to change the approach.

Liz Saville-Roberts MP