5th July - APPG Meeting

Monday 5th July at 17:30PM 

In Attendance:

Layla Moran MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Philippa Whitford MP, Baroness Brady, Baroness Brinton, Baroness Masham, Lord Russell.

Non-voting attendees:

Tom Brufatto (Secretariat), Jennifer Watson (Secretariat), Paul Haydon (Secretariat), Owen Sainsbury (Office of Layla Moran MP), Sam Payne (Office of Layla Moran MP), Lizzy Price (Secretariat)

1. The Minutes of 21.06.21 were approved by show of hands.
2. The transcript of 29.06.21 was approved by show of hands.
3. The letter to Sajid Javid was approved by show of hands.
4. Consideration was given to the announcement to fully unlock, and the impact that would likely have on the unvaccinated and vulnerable groups, in particular. It was agreed that the next hearing would look at these issues.
5. It was agreed that a poll on availability for future hearings would be circulated.