21st June - APPG Meeting

Tuesday June 21st at 11:30am

In attendance: Layla Moran MP (chair), Dan Poulter MP, Philippa Whitford MP, Baroness Brady, Baroness Brinton, Baroness Masham, Lord Russell.

Non voting attendees: Tom Brufatto (secretariat), Grace Pritchard (secretariat), Owen Sainsbury (office of Layla Moran MP), Niall McGourty (secretariat), Lizzy Price (secretariat).

1. The Minutes of the meeting held on 08.06.2021 were adopted.

2. The Minutes of the meeting held on 15.06.2021 (transcript of oral hearing) were adopted.

3. Approval of LGA letter

It was agreed to amend the letter with the following points, and then for the letter to be recirculated to those present at the meeting:

  • Clarification on the level of council to receive funds and the equitable allocation of funds.

  • Amend the opening paragraph, to set out the need for commemoration and bereavement support and that these local commemoration initiatives have an important role to play in that process.

4. Discussion of the proposed joint APPG/Community Rehabilitation Alliance letter

  • The Members agreed that the suggested request for a change in the NHS constitution to include rehabilitation was not appropriate at this stage.

  • More research was needed on long Covid and its different clusters and that this should be a priority for the long Covid work of the APPG for the time being.

  • Referral pathways needed greater clarity, including how we care for our workforce, generally, not just for long Covid, but also in terms of wellbeing clinics dealing with staff burnout, exhaustion and anxiety.

5. The meeting discussed future hearings of the APPG, including:

  • Long Covid and employment (29 June)

  • Preparation for Winter (including caring for the most vulnerable) (13 July)

6. It was agreed that the future APPG meetings would take place on a Monday at 5.30pm, but that the timings for future hearings would remain the same (Tuesdays at 11.30am). A calendar invite detailing the change in the schedule would be circulated.

7. As regards the Summer recess, availability of Members would be established to ascertain hearing dates for July and August.