13th April - APPG Meeting

Tuesday 13th April at 11:30am

In attendance: Layla Moran MP (Chair), Caroline Lucas MP, Clive Lewis MP, Philippa Whitford MP, Barbara Keeley MP, Baroness Finlay, Baroness Masham, Lord Russell, Lord Strasburger, Baroness Brady, Lord Tebbit.

Tom Brufatto (APPG Secretariat), Sam Payne (office of Layla Moran MP), Owen Sainsbury (Office of Layla Moran MP), Jennifer Watson (APPG Secretariat), Grace Pritchard (APPG Secretariat), Paul Haydon (APPG Secretariat), Lizzy Price (APPG Secretariat).

The minutes of the 16 March 2021 were approved by show of hands.

The members discussed the timetable for future hearings, and agreed that, unless there were matters that needed urgent discussion, they would take place on a fortnightly basis.

It was noted that the next hearing (20th April) would be on border arrangements, easing restrictions and the risk of a 3rd wave.

The members agreed the following matters would be of particular interest for future hearings:

Vaccine immunity
Vaccine passports and mass events
Vaccine internationalism
Public inquiry

It was agreed that the Secretariat would produce a report on long Covid, covering our understanding of the campaign so far.